LOFAR Survey Key Science Project meeting

LOFAR-VLBI mini-symposium (22 June 2020)


Neal Jackson: The Long Baseline Calibrator Survey (LBCS)
Neal Jackson: Gravitational lenses
Frits Sweijen: Spectral modeling of the high redshift radio galaxy 4C 43.15
Sean Mooney: Subarcsecond imaging of 3C273 at 150 MHz
Christian Groenevald: High resolution imaging using LBA self-calibration
Etienne Bonnasieux: A detailed study of 3C 295
Pranav Kukreti: Life of 3C293 over small and large scales

More information:
  • Leah Morabito
  • web page: Krzysztof Chy┼╝y (krzysztof.chyzy at uj.edu.pl)

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